San Bernardino County School District Facilities


Bid Opportunties

F20-02 Single Point Entry - 4 Sites

Closed Bids

F19-03 District-Wide Marquee Refurbishment and Replacement

F19-02 San Andreas Growing Hope – Phase II

F19-01 Prop. 39 EEP3 Mechanical & Electrical

RFP No. 224 LLB-North Park ES - Phase II

F18-12 Athletic Field Improvements - Turf Replacements

F18-11 Safety Improvements - Entry Doors

F18-10 Vermont ES – Swale Improvements

F18-09 Pacific HS- CTE -DEMO & Utility Reroute

F18-08 Proposition 39 Energy Efficiency Upgrades EEP3 Electrical-Phase I

F19-04 Ramona-Alessandro Preschool Portable

RFQ RFP No. 206 Moving Services

RFP No. 205 Architectural and Engineering Services

RFP No. 231 Lease-Leaseback Pacific HS CTE & Modernization

F19-06 Cole ES Modernization

F19-07 San Gorgonio HS – (2) Automotive Lift Replacements

F19-08 District Wide Marquee Installation, Relocation & Refurbishment

F19-09 Single Point Entry – 5 Sites

RFQ No. 207 -Architectural & Engineering Services for Alterations & Upgrades

F19-10 Barton ES Modernization

F19-11 Rio Vista ES Modernization

F19-05 Martin Luther King, Jr. MS Modernization

F19-05 Martin Luther King, Jr. MS Modernization Rebid

F20-01 Del Vallejo Middle School - Flooring

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Future Projects

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