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Bid Opportunities

We value our local contractors and look forward to the opportunity to partnering with you on upcoming District improvement projects.

Please note that the prequalification questionnaire and procedures have changed. Refer to future notice inviting bids for details on contractor and/or subcontractor prequalification requirements.

A list of current bid opportunities can be found below. Prospective bidders are encouraged to submit their Prequalification Questionnaire as soon as possible, so that they may be notified of their pre-qualification status ahead of any other due dates.

Please click here to view a list of current pre-qualified contractors.

Current Bids

F24-06 San Andreas High School - Shower Addition

Closed Bids

F19-03 District-Wide Marquee Refurbishment and Replacement

F19-02 San Andreas Growing Hope – Phase II

F19-01 Prop. 39 EEP3 Mechanical & Electrical

RFP No. 224 LLB-North Park ES - Phase II

F18-12 Athletic Field Improvements - Turf Replacements

F18-11 Safety Improvements - Entry Doors

F18-10 Vermont ES – Swale Improvements

F18-09 Pacific HS- CTE -DEMO & Utility Reroute

F18-08 Proposition 39 Energy Efficiency Upgrades EEP3 Electrical-Phase I

F19-04 Ramona-Alessandro Preschool Portable

RFQ RFP No. 206 Moving Services

RFP No. 205 Architectural and Engineering Services

RFP No. 231 Lease-Leaseback Pacific HS CTE & Modernization

F19-06 Cole ES Modernization

F19-07 San Gorgonio HS – (2) Automotive Lift Replacements

F19-08 District Wide Marquee Installation, Relocation & Refurbishment

F19-09 Single Point Entry – 5 Sites

RFQ NO. 207 -Architectural & Engineering Services for Alterations & Upgrades

F19-10 Barton ES Modernization

F19-11 Rio Vista ES Modernization

F19-05 Martin Luther King, Jr. MS Modernization

F19-05 Martin Luther King, Jr. MS Modernization Rebid

F20-01 Del Vallejo Middle School - Flooring

F20-02 Single Point Entry - 4 Sites

F20-03 Arroyo Valley High School - Athletic Complex Improvements Phase 3

F20-04 Single Point Entry – Davidson Elementary School

RFP No. 337 - Design, Installation, Construction, Operations, and Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

RFQ NO. 339 - Real Property Survey Services

RFQ NO. 340 - Structural Engineering Services

RFQ NO. 341 - Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Consulting Engineering Services

RFQ NO. 342 - Civil Engineering Services

F20-06 Single Point Entry - 2 Sites

F20-07 Pacific High School - CTE Transportation

F20-08 Pacific High School - Modernization

RFQ NO. 345 - Construction Services (Lease-Leaseback)

F20-09 Cajon High School - Misc. Improvements

RFQ/P NO. 346 - Request for Qualifications and Proposals from Prime/General Contractors for Preliminary Services and Construction Services (Lease-Leaseback)

The Del Rosa Elementary School Modernization, Kindergarten Improvements and Warm Springs Elementary School Modernization Project

Del Rosa Elementary School – Mod

Del Rosa Elementary School – Kindergarten 

Warm Springs Elementary School – Mod

Other BID Documents

F21-01 Indian Springs HS - CTE Manufacturing

RFQ NO. 350 - Commissioning Services

RFQ NO. 357 - DSA IOR Services

RFQ NO. 358 - SWPPP Services

F21-02 Oehl Elementary School - Modernization

F21-03 Pacific High School - New Administration

F20-06R Rebid Single Point Entry – 2 Sites

F21-04 San Bernardino High School – Building M “Maker Space” Project

F21-04R San Bernardino High School - Maker Space Rebid

RFQ NO. 366 - District’s Pool of Qualified Lease-Leaseback Contractors

F21-05 Del Vallejo Middle School - Site Improvements

RFQ-No.375-Soils & Materials Testing Services

RFQ-No.376-CEQA Services

F22-01 Nutrition Center - Mechanical Upgrades

F22-02 Roof Replacement - Warehouse and Maintenance & Operations Buildings

F22-03 Exterior Paint – Cajon High School and Bonnie Oehl Elementary School

F23-01 Exterior Paint – Belvedere, Hillside, and Lytle Creek Elementary Schools


F23-03 EXTERIOR PAINT - Urbita & Wilson Elementary Schools



RFQ/P 24-001 Cajon HS Athletic Renovations

F24-01 Exterior Paint @ 6 Sites


F24-03 Fencing Improvements at Arroyo Valley HS and Serrano MS

F24-04 Muscoy ES - Site Improvements

F24-05 Hunt ES - Water Line Replacement

RFQ 24-003 DSA Inspector of Record Services

RFQ 24-004 Moving Services

RFQ 24-005 Asbestos, Lead and Hazardous Materials

RFQ 24-006 Architectural & Engineering Services

RFQ/P 24-002 Public Safety Building

RFP 24-007 CALSHAPE HVAC Assessment Services

RFP 24-008 Districtwide Energy Efficiency-Renewable Energy and Water Conservation Project

F24-05 Hunt ES - Water Line Replacement Rebid

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