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Citizens Oversight Committee

Citizens Oversight Committee Contact

David Sierra
909-885-9991 (fax)

The Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) is a team of passionate and committed local residents, business leaders and parents who work to ensure that SBCUSD Facilities projects are getting students the resources they need to succeed! These members are active in the community and carry with them a special connection to San Bernardino that shines through their dedication to the role.

Our Committee

COC members gather around Indian Springs High School’s new Performing Arts Center during a recent visit of the campuses. The members are: (top row, left to right) Nyutosia Cade Cornish, James Stark, David Clark; (bottom row, left to right): Gloria Macias Harrison, Maria Garcia, Erika Maria Delgado De Ramos.

Gloria Macias Harrison


Nyutosia Cade Cornish


“I am passionate about SBCUSD because my children have been a part of the district since the age of five. The district has made major progress and has shown that the children are its priority. Being a member of COC allows me to see those changes from within and have a voice in choosing to do more for our children. As a parent you can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch your children go through school. You have to be involved.”

David Clark


David Clark


I am passionate about SBCUSD and being a member of the COC because I have longtime roots in the San Bernardino community. I’ve always felt like an integral member of this district.  This is my community and district, and I wish to contribute in every way I can.”

Maria Garcia


Maria Garcia


Erika Maria Delgado De Ramos


“I am with COC because I like to support and help make SBCUSD a better place for all students and employees.”

COC Mission

  1. To verify that projects funded with bond proceeds were permitted under the projects list submitted to voters (or available to voters if not reprinted in the Voter Handbook) at the time of election.
  2. To review the annual financial audit and performance audit maintained under Proposition 39.
  3. To review the annual list of deferred maintenance projects.
  4. To conduct on-site inspections of projects to verify performance of contractors on an as needed basis.
  5. To request that the District provide information on cost saving methods of design or construction that relate to any of the proposed projects.
  6. To publicize the results of the findings of the Committee in order to inform the public of the status of the bonds and the proposed projects.
  7. To evaluate the applicability of “reusable” designs for schools financed with Bond proceeds.

Click here to learn more about the COC’s governing law and how to become a member.


We have made the following reports readily available. If you are interested in an archived report pre-2016, please contact the Facilities Department at (909) 388-6100.

COC Reports

Bond reports showcase how much was spent for each bond under each project and measure. Annual reports summarize COC activities and bond expenditures over the year.

Financial and Performance Audits

Financial and performance audits report on revenues, expenditures and changes in fund balance.

Reports Archive

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