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Recognition and Innovation

Shared success is the best success! Huge thanks to our partners, staff and schools for making so many valuable projects happen – and here’s to more in the pipeline.


CMAA 2018 Project Achievement Award | North Park Elementary School

North Park Elementary School received a Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) 2018 Project Achievement Award for a Building Renovation Agency CM less than $10 million. The project included a complete re-imagination of the school facilities and much needed upgrades.

Thank you to our valued partners for their donated and discounted contributions to this renovation: Ruhnau Clarke Architects, Caston, Inc. and Vanir CM.

Green Energy Achievements | Green Building Award

In December 2010, the District’s Facilities Department was awarded the Green Building Award for its dedication to implementing green building standards. The District is following standards in building designated by The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), an organization dedicated to ensuring K-12 students have the best possible learning environment with the smallest impact on the planet.


Indian Springs High School’s auditorium will be featured in the June 2019 issue of Auditoria Magazine.

Green Energy Standards

In 2010, the Board of Education approved a resolution to join The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) as a CHPS District.  This approval was in addition to a 2007 approval of design standards, which included high performance features. The District has also implemented the CHPS Operation Report Card (ORC), a program that benchmarks current performance of existing schools, provides a report card of results and makes suggestions for improvement. The ORC advances the standard for the maintenance, operation and improvement of all school buildings – high performance and otherwise.  Facilities staff will continue to implement the most advanced proven standards to all design and constructions. We will also focus on renewable energy options and the implementation of such energy on our sites.

Indian Springs High School Performing Arts Center 

This just in – Indian Springs High School’s new Performing Arts Center is on a roll! The project received recognition from the American School and University Magazine for Outstanding Design in the November 2018 Architecture Portfolio issue, the ultimate tribute to education design excellence.

The new center will also be published in the June 2019 Issue of Auditoria Magazine, an international magazine for the performing arts. Stay tuned for the story!


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