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Recognition and Innovation

Shared success is the best success! Huge thanks to our partners, staff and schools for making so many valuable projects happen – and here’s to more in the pipeline.

CASH/AIA Leroy F. Greene – Cajon High School Addition – Jury Award

This project in design submission earns a jury award for its provocative outside the box thinking. It stimulated strong opinions and lively discussion among the jurors. Are cutting-edge school designs realistic under existing school budgets? Jurors say this project created a strong and productive discussion about the nature of school design, and how new and innovated designs can be funded!

Learning By Design – Cajon High School Addition – 2022 Honorable Mention

The future design of the Cajon High School Expansion was featured in the Spring 2022 Learning by Design Magazine.

The social life of education sets a progressive agenda in this infill/replacement at Cajon High School. This new project conditions a long-term transition to a new campus vision on a campus with almost all existing classrooms housed in internally circulated, windowless structures.

Given a project site constrained by existing buildings, a central quad, and the campus edge, the project utilizes a strategy of blurring edges and disintegrating thresholds to create new DNA for the school. Where interior and exterior were undeniably separate existences, the totalizing new roof unifies the campus through redefining the core.

The site between two two existingbuildings is excavated to the street level, creating a Canyon between them. This arena, of sorts, creates something collective, social, and diverse. Oval pods create space for classrooms and the library in a shape where power structures in education are dismantled. These pods are situated to create variation in the scale of a space under a large, open-air roof structure. The 52,000 sf of additional, non-programmed space amplifies the school’s identity through establishing a recognizable center.

“Cowboy Canyon” houses education space, breakout space, science fairs, group presentations, mobile medical clinics, yoga, robotics competitions, etc. In the Canyon, school is social.

American School & University – Martin Luther King Middle Modernization – Outstanding Design 2021

The modernization of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School was selected to appear as an Outstanding Design in the 2021 American School & University Architectual Portfolio.

The modernization involved additional of a new street entry, interior renovation, sun control louvers on the south library facade, new brick facing and a new VRF system.
The project removed the existing ceiling to open up the spaces. Introduction of a curtain wall at the south facade with sun control louvers provides daylight for the library. The southeast corner has new brick and features a black-and-white portrait of Dr. King alongside a LED screen for school announcements; those are visible from the street. The library has a folding glass wall that opens to a media room. A new public entry from the street leads to the reception area. The building has become an icon for the school.

Martin Luther King Middle School interior

Future Design of Cajon High School Wins AIA Los Angeles Award

The future design of Cajon High School recently won an award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Los Angeles chapter! The award recognizes design excellence and professional development in southern California. This is the first time a building in the Inland Empire was nominated for and won the award.

The social life of education sets a dynamic agenda for Cajon High School. Interior and exterior campus experiences are connected through a new unifying roof that defines a new core of the campus. Oval pods create space for classrooms and the library is shaped to encourage equitable access and participation. “Cowboy Canyon” houses educational space, breakout space, science fairs, group presentations, mobile clinics, yoga, and robotics competitions.

Cajon High School Theatre Modernization Recognized in the 2021 American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase

The Cajon High School Theatre Modernization was selected to appear as an Outstanding Design in the 2021 American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase. The Cajon High School theatre had not had a major renovation since the school was originally built in 1967, so it was definitely time for some upgrades to the stage!

The performing arts center now includes a new lobby and restrooms, as well as seating, carpet, acoustical panels, and stage refurbishing. The building’s lighting and HVAC systems were also upgraded to today’s high efficiency industry standards. Additionally, the adjacent outdoor quad received new concrete, beautiful lush trees, and ambient lighting.

With a new performing arts center and a more inviting quad, students can now better enjoy this hub of campus!


SBCUSD Facilities Department Wins Award for Mission COVID-19: A Back-to-School Rule Book During a Pandemic

As the district continues to deal with a difficult year of distance learning – SBCUSD has been recognized by the Public Relations Society of America for the district’s initiative in developing a back-to-school plan that keeps students, faculty, and staff safe during a pandemic. Earning the Capella Award for Innovative Communication, this award celebrates ground breaking projects that introduce original ideas tackling challenges in creative, new ways. With Governor Newsom’s April announcement of in-person classes resuming, in a manner of days SBCUSD’s Facilities Department developed an interactive rulebook with information on modified classroom layouts, physical distancing measures, and sanitation requirements. The plan was innovative in the sense that this was new territory, a course uncharted, and critical to the district’s safe return to “normal.”

Although in-person teaching has been postponed for the remainder of 2020, Facilities staff continues to update their back-to-school rule book and looks forward to hitting the ground running when in-person classes ramp up again.

San Andreas High School Growing Hope Project Recognized by American School & University

The Growing Hope Project (Phases I and II) of San Andreas High School has been designated with an Outstanding Design Award for the 2019 Architectural Portfolio of American School & University Magazine, the premier showcase celebrating the best in education design. The special award can be viewed here.

From a pool of applicants across the nation, the Architectural Portfolio jury selected the Growing Hope Project for excellence in the category of Outstanding Designs: High School. The project was selected for its innovation in design for transforming what was once a locker room into an interactive and high-tech classroom featuring hydroponic growing systems. Thank you to our valued local partner, WLC Architects, Inc., for their work and dedication to this project.

Indian Springs High School Performing Arts Center Recognized in Multiple Publications

This just in – Indian Springs High School’s new Performing Arts Center is on a roll! The project received recognition from the American School and University Magazine for Outstanding Design in the November 2018 Architecture Portfolio issue, the ultimate tribute to education design excellence.

The project was also featured in the June 2019 Issue of Auditoria Magazine, an international magazine for the performing arts. The article, entitled “Hope Springs Eternal,” highlights how this performing arts center “is not only a flexible educational resource, but acts as a beacon for the wider community.”

Facilities Department Wins Green Building Award

In December 2010, the District’s Facilities Department was awarded the Green Building Award for its dedication to implementing green building standards. The District is following standards in building designated by The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), an organization dedicated to ensuring K-12 students have the best possible learning environment with the smallest impact on the planet.

Board of Education Approves New Green Energy Standards

In 2010, the Board of Education approved a resolution to join The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) as a CHPS District. This approval was in addition to a 2007 approval of design standards, which included high performance features.

The District has also implemented the CHPS Operation Report Card (ORC), a program that benchmarks current performance of existing schools, provides a report card of results and makes suggestions for improvement. The ORC advances the standard for the maintenance, operation and improvement of all school buildings – high performance and otherwise.  Facilities staff will continue to implement the most advanced proven standards to all design and constructions. We will also focus on renewable energy options and the implementation of such energy on our sites.

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