San Bernardino County School District Facilities


Innovation in Design

The look and function of our learning spaces evolve as students – and the world – now work in a collaborative, technologically driven, open environments. Gone are the days of classrooms with four walls and rows upon rows of desks facing a teacher writing on a chalkboard. At SBCUSD, we embrace multi-use spaces with arrangements that encourage critical thinking and connection amongst peers. In addition, more of our classrooms are being designed to stimulate hands-on activities. As a team, we keep our pulse on community needs, quality local architects and industry trends to help us innovate new ideas for the district. We work with the best-of-the-best and our design standards are limitless.

Completed Projects

Here's a glimpse at projects we are most proud to have completed.

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Current Projects

So many great projects underway. More than 30 to be exact!

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Future Projects

Can't stop. Won't stop.

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