LBOP Overview

Local Business Outreach Program

The Facilities Capital Improvement Program (FCIP) serves both the District and the Community by supporting local businesses through its Local Business Outreach Program (LBOP). The LBOP increases awareness and participation in the procurement process and its education programs. Current efforts include requiring all facilities project vendors to allocate at least 10% of the contracts dollars to local business in the City of San Bernardino and Highland.

Building Schools, Education, and Opportunities!

To become registered with the LBOP please fill out the LBOP Vendor Registration Form and return it to Jennifer Wilhelm (contact information to the right.) When the District has a need for the services you select you will receive notifications via email with the opportunity to respond.

Thank you for your interest in SBCUSD!


Points of Contact

For more information about our LBOP program, please contact:

Jennifer Wilhelm

Business Outreach Coordinator

  • 909-388-6100 P
  • 909-885-9991 F