New Campus Projects

Upon opening Paakuma’ K-8 School for the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, the Facilities Capital Improvement Program (FCIP) will have opened 15 new campuses in the District within 10 years. New campuses account for over 50% of the Program’s expenditures.during Phase II:

New Campus Project Documentation
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Short Name Official Name Year Open
Anton ES Roger Anton Elementary School 2005-2006
Brown ES George Brown Jr. Elementary School 2013-2014
Chavez MS Cesar E. Chavez Middle School 2005-2006
Curtis MS Curtis Middle School 2008-2009
Dominguez ES H. Frank Dominguez Elementary School 2014-2015
Gomez ES Graciano Gomez Elementary School 2013-2014
Henry ES Dr. Mildred Dalton Henry Elementary School 2013-2014
Holcomb ES W.R. “Bob” Holcomb Elementary School 2013-2014
Indian Springs HS Indian Springs High School 2012-2013
Jones ES Juanita Blakely Jones Elementary School 2006-2007
Norton ES Captain Leland F. Norton Elementary School 2012-2013
Middle College ES Middle College High School 2013-2014 (Mid Year)
Paakuma’ Paakuma’ K-8 School 2015-2016
Rodriguez Prep Colonel Joseph C. Rodriguez Prep Academy 2008-2009
Wong ES Bing Wong Elementary School 2008-2009