Measures T and N Citizens’ Oversight Committee Members

Citizens’ Oversight Committee Members

Name Representing Ends                               Position
Jane Sneddon Business Community August 2018 Chair*
Ronald Coats Business Community August 2018 Co-Chair*
Michael A. Brown At-large September 2018 Member
Nyutosia Cade Cornish PTA Member September 2018 Member
Erika Maria Delgado De Ramos At-large June 2019 Member
Gloria Macias Harrison Taxpayer Organization June 2019 Member
Eula Mills Senior Citizen August 2018 Member
James Stark At-large August 2018 Member
Gilbert Vanegas Senior Citizen September 2018 Member

* Chair and co-chair positions are elected by the members each year

Points of Contact

The Facilities Management Department provides assistance and support to the Citizens’ Oversight Committee. You may contact the Citizens’ Oversight Committee through the following District contact located in the right hand column on this page.

Raquel Torres

  • 909-388-6100 P
  • 909-885-9991 F

Member Recruitment

Past Committee Members

We would like to acknowledge and thank members who have previously served on the Committee:

  • Amanda Jacobs, Parent
  • Trinidad Nelson, At-large
  • Martha Rendon, Parent/PTA Member
  • Cynthia Barrow, Parent
  • Sheri Hundley, Parent/PTA Member
  • David Justice, Business Community
  • Ralph Knox, Senior Citizen
  • Troy Allen Nelson, At-large
  • Maria Dolores Ochoa, At-large
  • Martin Romeo, At-large
  • Marion Vassilakos,Taxpayer Organization
  • Teresa Alba, Parent
  • Robbi Brunk, At-large
  • Soledad Castillo, Parent/PTA member
  • Carl Clemons, At-large
  • Ron Coats, Business Community
  • Margaret Hill, Senior Citizen
  • Gloria Mazzola, At-large
  • Ben Parra, Business Community
  • Lou Pellini, Taxpayer Organization
  • Tierney Harris, At-large
  • Glenda Rice, Parent/PTA Member
  • Denise Benton, At-large
  • Marilyn Patterson, Taxpayer Organization