Facilities Use

About the Facilities Use Program

As mandated by the Education Code, the SBCUSD hereby establishes a Civic Center at the San Bernardino City Unified Schools, where citizens, Parent-Teacher Associations, Camp Fire Girls, Boy Scout troops, Farmers’ organizations, school community advisory councils, senior citizens’ organizations, clubs, and associations formed for recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, or moral activities of the public school districts may engage in supervised recreational activities, and where they may meet and discuss, from time to time as they may desire, any subjects and questions which in their judgment pertain to the educational, political, economic, artistic, and moral interests of the citizens of the communities in which they reside.

For more information about our Facilities Use program, download our SBCUSD Facilities Use brochure (PDF; 1.27 MB). Use of Facilities request forms may be obtained at any school or at the Facilities Desk at 956 West 9th Street, (909) 381-1136 or 388-6100.

To schedule the Community Room, located at the Board of Education building, please contact Communications at (909) 381-1245.

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Points of Contact

For maintenance and operations information please contact:

Raquel Torres

Use of Facilities Clerk

Laura Breuer

Asst. Director, Operations

  • 909-388-6100 P

  • 909-885-9991 F

For after hours emergencies, contact District Police @ (909) 388-6130.