Department Overview

Facilities Management

In 2004, local voters approved Measure T, a $140 million local general obligation bond to improve and expand education facilities throughout the San Bernardino City Unified School District. Passage of the bond provided a foundation for the Facilities Capital Improvement Program. The Facilities Program Management Team has accomplished several key tasks to improve procedures and standards, manage planning and design activities, maximize funding and expedite delivery of new school construction and modernization projects.

Programs and services offered by Facilities Management include:

    • Architects, contract planning
    • New construction
    • Developer fees
    • Easements
    • Enrollment projections
    • Facilities additions
    • Use of school facilities
    • Real property lease agreements
    • Lease purchase program
    • District boundary maps
    • New school construction
    • New portable classrooms
    • Relocatable buildings
    • School facility program
    • State School Building Act
    • Use of swimming pools by non-school groups
Points of Contact

For information please contact:

Thomas Pace


  • 909-388-6100 P
  • 909-885-9991 F

Laura Breuer

Assistant Director

  • 909-388-6100 P
  • 909-885-9991 F