Program Overview

Facilities Capital Improvement Program

The Facilities Capital Improvement Program (FCIP) has managed close to 200 projects at more than 70 campuses throughout the District.

Anton Elementary and Cesar E. Chavez Middle Schools opened their doors on August 1, 2005, becoming two of the first schools to be built as part of the FCIP. With the completion of Paakuma’ K-8 School in 2015, the FCIP has opened 15 new campuses in the District within 10 years. In addition to new campuses, the FCIP has managed 52 modernization projects, 6 Overcrowding Relief Grant (ORG) projects, 10 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) projects, 20 Special Day Classrooms and various other projects throughout the District.

Year-Round Reduction

The delivery of new campuses and classroom buildings have taken the number of elementary schools on the year-round calendar from 35 in 2005-2006 to 0 in 2014-2015.


Funded by a combination of sources, the FCIP is valued at over $1 billion.

Future Building

The District successfully passed Measure N in November 2012, providing an additional $250 million in local general obligation bonds for new projects and other capital improvement needs. Among other projects, Measure N funded construction of the Indian Springs High School Athletic Complex and Security and Surveillance Systems throughout the District.



    • Administrator of Operations – Joe Aceto
    • Secretary III – Norma Rodriguez


      • Budget Analyst / Business Outreach – Angelica Quiroga
      • Cost / Contract Analyst / Publications – Sherri Lien
      • Senior Clerk / Use of Facilities / Developer Fees – Raquel Torres
      • Bilingual Clerk II – Mayra Joya


    • Facilities Analyst – Nellie Karbum
    • Facilities Officer – Tim Deland
    • Project Manager – Steve Galloway
    • Project Manager – Brian Watt
    • Project Manager – Ray Rodriguez
    • Secretary III – Christina Gomez
Points of Contact

For information please contact:

Thomas Pace


  • 909-388-6100 P
  • 909-885-9991 F

Laura Breuer

Assistant Director

  • 909-388-6100 P
  • 909-885-9991 F