About the COC

Mission Statement

The San Bernardino City Unified School District Measure T-2004 and Measure N-2012 Proposition 39 Bonds Citizens’ Oversight Committee is legally charged under Education Code Sections 15278, 15280, 15282, and the California Constitution, Article 13A, Section 1, with direct taxpayer review of the Bond measure endorsed by the voters and with informing the public about the expenditures of the Bond proceeds to ensure that the spending decisions made by elected officials conform with that measure. The committee is not granted any powers to determine how bond proceeds are spent.

The Citizens’ Oversight Committee is charged with the following purposes under Proposition 39:

  1. To verify that projects funded with bond proceeds were permitted under the projects list submitted to voters (or available to voters if not reprinted in the Voter Handbook) at the time of election.
  2. To review the annual financial audit and performance audit maintained under Proposition 39.
  3. To review the annual list of deferred maintenance projects.
  4. To conduct on-site inspections of projects to verify performance of contractors on an as needed basis.
  5. To request that the District provide information on cost saving methods of design or construction that relate to any of the proposed projects.
  6. To publicize the results of the findings of the Committee in order to inform the public of the status of the bonds and the proposed projects.
  7. To evaluate the applicability of “reusable” designs for schools financed with Bond proceeds.